Technology Overview

HiSilicon C-IoT technology provides a reliable and secure transport connection between the IoT device and the network.

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HiSilicon Releases Industry Leading 4K HDR10 solution for Memory Optimised Home Media Platforms

With the development support from Netflix,HiSilicon is pleased to announce the availability of its latest implementation of Google’s Android TV combined with Netflix’s latest 4K HDR10 app, focused on 1GB DDR footprint platforms, such as STB’s, Dongles and HDMI Sticks.

HiSilicon Receives WiGigTM Certification from Wi-Fi Alliance for the Industry’s Most Integrated 60GHz Solution

Hi1181 is the industry’s most integrated and highest performance 802.11ad 60GHz SoC, delivering ultra-high bandwidth, low power consumption and low latency for data communication. By passing Wi-Fi Alliance WiGig certification, it is proven to be standard compliant and ready to be applied to many emerging applications that are demanding both high bandwidth and low latency wireless connectivity

Hi3559A’s Neural Network Inference Engine drives the development of Multi-Object Categorization and Identi?cation System

In recent years, AI has become to be the most popular topic not only in the industry but also in our daily lives. How best to utilize the power of AI to transform what we do. HiSilicon’s newly announced Hi3559A, is the first step in utilizing the power of AI, for vision capture applications.

KT Unveils the world’s first AI-based Media Hub GiGA Genie with HiSilicon Chipset Inside

HiSilicon is empowering KT to lead the way of home AI era through seamless cooperation with other partners

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