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HiSilicon Empowers [email protected] Action Camera Industry by Releasing its Latest Hi3556A Chip

HiSilicon will launch a new generation of [email protected] Smart Action Camera solution based on Hi3556A.

Created for devices that require recording of 4K video at 60fps while on high speed motion, the feature of Electronic Image Stabilizer (EIS) is essential to ensure the user’s experience. With constraints in chip manufacture technology and video processing technology, many existing 4K action cameras suffer certain shortcomings such as poor heat dissipation, unstable image, or features that can’t operate concurrently. With the deeply accumulated expertise on video processing and the advanced 12nm IC technology, HiSilicon is determined to address these issues by releasing Hi3556A, a new generation of chipset and solution specifically designed for 4KP60 action cameras. More advantageously, Hi3556A has integrated a new generation of HiSilicon AI acceleration engine, which enables a variety of potentially smart applications and bring action cameras into a new era of intelligence.

Hi3556A solves the problem of heat dissipation issue that exists for most 4K cameras on market by significantly reducing the power consumption of the chip, and the problem of insufficient performance issue for image stabilization when recording at 60 frames per second. With the integrated high-performance deep learning hardware in the chip, customers could add into the camera features of smartness and differentiation, and therefore bring the consumer video recording experience to a higher level. Hi3556A features the following advantages:

  • Low power consumption: Hi3556A takes the advantage of 12nm technology and employs a number of low power technologies in algorithm and IC designs to achieve the ultra-low power consumption. The total power consumption for the entire action camera solution is less than 3 watts when recording at 4KP60, leading the action camera industry in meeting the increasingly challenging requirements of heat dissipation and battery endurance.

  • EIS: Hi3556A supports 6-DoF EIS while recording at 4KP60. It solves the problem that both features can’t concurrently run for most existing products. By integrating HiSilicon’s third generation of EIS algorithm, Hi3556A achieves a superior image stabilization performance at various jitter frequencies and amplitudes, reduces the dependency on gimbal platform, and enhances the portability of cameras.

  • [email protected] HDMI interface: Hi3556A supports HDMI2.0, allowing the camera to decode and display the recorded 4KP60 video on TV through HDMI connection.

  • Fast booting: Hi3556A supports Huawei LiteOS and Linux dual operation systems. Huawei LiteOS features a fast booting as low as 500ms. Furthermore, by supporting Linux, Hi3556A helps developers to reduce the time to market and enjoy the benefits of most commonly used development platform.

  • High cost-effective eBOM & low PCB requirement: By optimizing the SoC architecture and algorithms, Hi3556A uses a lower DDR bandwidth when running at 4KP60. Additionally, Hi3556A allows a low-cost PCB design and implementation. These measures greatly reduce the eBOM cost for the products.

  • AI engine: Hi3556A integrates several neural network engines and DSP cores to aid the intelligence of the camera. With the massive computation power, customers could implement computer vision algorithms to support face detection, scene recognition, object classification, target detection, skin beautification, and many other features to further differentiate the products.

With great features above, HiSilicon Hi3556A SoC will help to upgrade the quality and quantity of action cameras, enhance user experience for 4KP60, and make the 4K UHD cameras very much demanded accessory in daily lives.


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